Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Bed and Sand Castles

The new Bed: We get Tara's room swept and ready for the new setup.

Tara has a new bed complete with a princess canopy and matching headboard and bedding. She has taken to her new sleeping arrangements quite readily despite our fears to the contrary. She did however fall out of bed twice on the first day (night) so next day we went out and bought some bed rails and there has been no problems since. She was ready for a new bed. Also, we discovered this weekend that she no longer fits in her playpen for sleeping purposes... yikes!

We went to Kenora for August long weekend. Our trip was bookended by rainy days and road construction delays causing long lines of cars to centipede along highway 1. On the way over, we stopped at Falcon lake and met a very large parakeet called Odie.

Sunday was thankfully sunny, we went to the cottage and caught up with every one: Aunty Riley and family, the McFaddens who have a new addition of their own (little Owen), the Bretts and uncle Sean and aunty Shae. Uncle Sean built this massive sand "Castle" complete with two tiers of ramparts with tara's "tools".

We all splashed around in the very cold water, Shae and I actually swam, Alex and Sean did not! Tara was sooo tuckered out, she fell asleep as Shae read her a story.

We ended the trip with a visit to gramma sheila: Tara played piano and ate like a grown up at the table and drank straight out of a cup pretty successfully ( apparently she does this at daycare all the time). Gramma Marj's banana bread is a HUGE hit, i will probably have to beg the recipe.

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