Saturday, November 12, 2011

Early November

Kaya has learnt to roll over... watch out dida! click this link for the you tube video

Fall has finally arrived as well, our tree just lost its leaves, the last on the block, and tara had fun rolling in it! some picture follow. And this is a link to the video

Woodland Tara 

Kaya in the Kitchen

More kaya cuteness

Halloween Howl OR Haul

note the lipstick, it was the kiss proof kind, took a day to come off...
Tara was the Black Swan (as in the movie) from Swan Lake Ballet.

Kat Kaya

kool Kat Kaya, happy to see her face in the mirror (opposite)

Evil swan face

Bartering and sorting....

Tara got a glo stick, probably her favourite

Tara designed pumpkins, hidden from view is the vampire pumkin,  and the crazy-mad p'kin

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