Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Summer DIY Projects - a new deck for out back entry

All I can say is, we should have done this years ago... about a thousand dollars of investment and labour and we love it to bits. The new deck is getting so much use, it helped us appreciate this summer better than any other year. 
Below are some before and after pictures...
Before: Back entry before the deck
Design: Planning the deck to not require a permit application which means keep it under two feet high and not attach it to the house so that differential movement does not damage either structure.
Kaya and Alex tacking in the boards to keep them from twisting overnight - three to five screws each. later Alex would secure the remaining screws.

Construction: Tara helping put in the stair treads. we used the kids plastic slide as a step ladder during construction. we used off-ends for risers for easy snow removal - as you will see in later images.

All finished and decorated - I love the green plastic Adirondack style chairs and yellow benches that we refinished from discards years ago.
We added some christmas LED lights for the night-time enjoyment - you can just about read by them.

Alex was very proud of his handy work, so was I. notice the risers are cut so we can shovel off snow easier.

Tara on a Saturday afternoon

Seasonal flowers

Enjoying our new outdoor living room with family

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