Friday, April 30, 2010

Who's a Natural Teacher?

I've been trying to convince him of it for close to 6 years now. Last fall he went back to school for an after degree Bachelor of Education. He's been teaching as a teacher candidate at our neighbourhood juniour high, Ecole River Heights, for the last year now. The kids love him, I gather. Some even want to adopt him for a parent. Much like Tara's class at daycare.Most parents come in to drop off their kids, and they're out the door in 2 minutes. they usually leave their car idling. Alex, as soon as he enters, is coralled and pinned down to the ground by preschoolers. All of them want to be on his knees, shoes, whatever peice of real estate they can find and he's not allowed to leave till he's read them several stories. Tara can sometimes score a place on daddy's lap, but not always. I went with Alex to drop off TSJ this thursday and witnessed it first hand. funny. Notice none of the kids on him are Tara.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Playing Dressup part 2

Lately in April tara has had alot of opprtunities for dressing up like a girl instead of the playclothes (topped with winter clothes) she wears most of the time.

This is what she usually wears. This was taken at the assiniboine zoo. Its not that great but there aren't any other choices. We did see a leopard and a couple of tigers and a bunch of wallabies, Tara was sad to leave at closing time but we told her that the animals needed to go to bed! at 4pm, she was shocked at the early bedtime.

She dressed like presentable kid for Tiernan's birthday. it was a really nice day, warm and dry. The kids played outside till cake time....

Then there was church, she always gravitates to the piano... and last weekend we went to the bengali community's new year clebration potluck with Tara wearing her new Indian clothes, they didn't hold her back from romping aroung. Everybody appreciated the cutie.

Daddy and tara run to mum

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Playing Dress-up

Tara loves dress up and halloween and make beleive. She came home as spiderman one evening and it took us an eternity to get that paint off her face.
She was the paper bag princess, as mentioned before, for halloween and loved that costume... her daycare favorite is a beat-up princess costume with a tool belt... go figure, just like mom!! She however was not terribly keen on the lehengas dida got from India, the tops were too tight and they put her off and the skirts got in the way of wild rumpus.

Easter weekend 2010

What a busy weekend we had! We cleaned out the "study" closet in the guest room and set the twin beds in the guest room for mum and dad. Set up their monster 42" HDTV, hooked up the computer to the massive screen. Ofcourse, there were issues with internet hookup but alex fixed that. He tried to locate some cricket on the internet for dad and ended up with malware/spyware on his laptop.... long but happy ending story I will not bore you with.

We went out on Saturday to HD and bought some shelves and hardware for the new study area down stairs. The "library" was deep cleaned and scores of books sacrifised to the cause of turning it a little more into a guest room with the beautiful antique double bed in there instead of the double futon. Futon has been pastured, literally, in the backyard. Maybe we'll pain it and turn it into lawn furniture! Oh, b.t.w. we need a shed in the backyard for our gardening stuff.... another weekend for that. Coming back to Saturday: we put up said shelves in basement, they still need to be loaded in. Pictures will follow when complete.

Easter day, we had an egg hunt, and then another, and another....I think about 5 in total, Tara is still asking for more. Lunch was a hastily grabbed slice of brown sugar cake (Yummmm) followed by a roast chicken dinner accompanied by stuffing, yorkshire pudding, broccoli and gravy. We were too busy to take pictures!

Monday, I tackled taxes in a kid free house, taxes are DONE and filed!

Practising for the birthday

We are practising for the cake and candle blowing out!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tara is a month away from three years old!

This is a picture taken at one of Tara’s daycare friends’ (Cameron's) birthday party at Petland a pet store. She is getting smarter everyday and almost fully potty trained, thanks to the daycare staff!! She loves red and to be outside and try and get Mocha to fetch, which never works out :-) She loves Jack and the Beanstalk. And she is gradually warming up to dadu and dida.
Preparations are underway for Tara’s party in May. There will be a tutu involved that I custom ordered in red and pink.
And a cake-o-logy cake!

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