Thursday, April 29, 2010

Playing Dressup part 2

Lately in April tara has had alot of opprtunities for dressing up like a girl instead of the playclothes (topped with winter clothes) she wears most of the time.

This is what she usually wears. This was taken at the assiniboine zoo. Its not that great but there aren't any other choices. We did see a leopard and a couple of tigers and a bunch of wallabies, Tara was sad to leave at closing time but we told her that the animals needed to go to bed! at 4pm, she was shocked at the early bedtime.

She dressed like presentable kid for Tiernan's birthday. it was a really nice day, warm and dry. The kids played outside till cake time....

Then there was church, she always gravitates to the piano... and last weekend we went to the bengali community's new year clebration potluck with Tara wearing her new Indian clothes, they didn't hold her back from romping aroung. Everybody appreciated the cutie.

Daddy and tara run to mum

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