Friday, April 30, 2010

Who's a Natural Teacher?

I've been trying to convince him of it for close to 6 years now. Last fall he went back to school for an after degree Bachelor of Education. He's been teaching as a teacher candidate at our neighbourhood juniour high, Ecole River Heights, for the last year now. The kids love him, I gather. Some even want to adopt him for a parent. Much like Tara's class at daycare.Most parents come in to drop off their kids, and they're out the door in 2 minutes. they usually leave their car idling. Alex, as soon as he enters, is coralled and pinned down to the ground by preschoolers. All of them want to be on his knees, shoes, whatever peice of real estate they can find and he's not allowed to leave till he's read them several stories. Tara can sometimes score a place on daddy's lap, but not always. I went with Alex to drop off TSJ this thursday and witnessed it first hand. funny. Notice none of the kids on him are Tara.

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