Thursday, May 6, 2010

Third Birthday

This highly anticipated party was a big success inspite of the RAIN. Tara had been practising "baking" cakes and blowing out candles for weeks. We started by ordering our cake from  cake-o-logy again. Here are some pictures:

This is the basement before the party ( we moved it from the backyard with the newly finished playstructure above, because of the weather)
Tara in her new tutu: she got some matching wings for a present from Cameron, her daycare buddy.

The Cake

There were some crafts and games and rides (mum, tara, cameron, graham, tiernan...)

The kids wore dress up clothes: Tara was an alternative ballerina, Nate was "Super Why", Camaron was a princess, Kadence was Tinkerbell, Ellie was a butterfly, Dax was King and Mikellen, above, was a Garden tot. Graham and Tiernan, refused to give in to such childish silliness and hung out in regular civvies, (even though their parents tried otherwise :-).

then there was cake

and rip and tear of presents and some stories after.

Whew a very long two hours!


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