Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mummy the seamstress

Remember that quilt project from long long ago.... don't exactly remember how far back it was, but there were scraps of pretty fabric left over from that unfinished project... I am making them into little dresses for Kaya and Tara. I finished Kaya's yesterday in very low light (we were keeping the house dark to keep cool as the AC had died. Got a new one today) and gave myself a furious headache ( another starting now). Here is Kaya's cute little ensemble.

Kaya in her big-baby crib on her two month birthday.

Pose #1

Kaya and Mousy in their respective dresses.

Mum, are we done yet? I am getting peckish.
Tara's dress/pinafore is still in construction.

Aug 4
construction done.

Family portraits for 2011

Kaya has beautiful grey-brown eyes

Rare family photo where everyone smiles!
I have been living in tank tops for the last two months

Tara loved the photo shoot, what a huge difference from when she was younger!!!

Daddy and Tara

All of us together

Mummy and Tara, we had a girly-girl date, did our nails and got our hair done.
Tara was adamant about getting her hair blow dried straight. We had her hair all prettily curled, but she refused to climb down from the hair dresser's chair. She gave us the full-on silent tears treatment till mummy caved in, looks like she knew what she was talking about, straight hair looks great on her. 
Daddy and Kaya, same head shape no?
 Daddy and Kaya did NOT get their hair done, they are born gorgeous. look at them, even the backs of their heads are gorgeous.
Mummy loves Kaya, because she pooped on my hand during this shoot and I didn't drop her!

Tara gets her ears pierced

Praise at Freshair boutique did the deed. tara was remarkably calm and didn't cry at all. She did inform us that it stung after the first stud was put in, but then she calmly sat for her second. She has always handled pain well. she got little gold suds put in, I will have to post some pictures.

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