Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Jacksons-Chakraborty Year: 2010

Let’s start with the familiar refrain: It has been a busy year at our house…

The Big change to family has been the addition of “Dadu and Dida” (maternal grandparents) to the household since March. We are trying to get them winterized by taking them out to the Santa Clause Parade, Assiniboine park when it’s snowing, and we’ll try the Festival of Trees and Lights and tobogganing next! So far the winter has been mild and pretty.

Tara has started a new daycare closer to home and she has discovered her feminine side with a vengeance! Gone is our tomboy, we have a girl that won’t wear anything but tights on her legs. She is still an avid “reader” and likes to tell her own version of stories at times. She is now fully toilet trained, however, going to the toilet is still a tug o’ war if it involves interrupting play or TV (thank god for the pause function on the PVR). We were overambitious this fall and enrolled Tara in a swimming class a ballet class and a gym class. It seems she has difficulties staying still enough to take instructions and requires a lot of chasing around! But when it comes to performance our little monkey is fearless and out at the head of the class (that is, of course, a completely unbiased opinion)!

Alex is finishing his second year as an education student: he had a great time teaching English and Drama to the junior high kids at Ecole River Heights and he is now teaching grade 9-11 at R. B. Russell School in the north end. Despite our fears, his car has neither been vandalized nor taken out for a joyride. It has been a very busy school year with LOTS of homework.

Tina started working for the Province of Manitoba earlier this year, the pace and work are completely different than private practice. However she has gotten to travel all over the province and been in a lot of jails!! Tina is also expecting to have another Jackson to add to the family in the June of next year. We’re calling him/her “beta” for now (no reflection on gender but on the status of being second born). Mocha, as per usual from last time around, has become very protective around the burgeoning belly.

Speaking of burgeoning bellies, our sister-in-law Shannon, had a cute little baby boy this April 28th (making Tara and Cary’s birthdays a day apart on the calendar). We got to see Cary in action over the summer and thanks giving. Tara seems to like little babies in principle, it awaits to be seen how she will react to a baby that won’t go away after a visit.

We’re hoping for a warm and busy Christmas for everyone with lots of lights and cheer.
Hopefully your lives have been as full as ours and we wish all a wonderful Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.


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