Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shaad: Bangla baby shower for Tina and baby to be

Tara gets some "make-up" done!
Tara wearing "bindis"
Clockwise from top right-Outer circle: Musuri-daal, paatisapta and gulab jamun, cauliflower curry,
salad, papad and munchies, fish curry.
On the plate, clockwise: Curried Okra fry, fish fry, cauliflower fry, onion fritters, potato shoestring fries (5 fried things) and rice .

All made pretty for baby
Alex feeds me
the other Mrs. Chakraborty on our street...
Mom and me
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there was lots of yummy food for "mummy" and lots of blessings from older ladies (my mom's friends).  unfortunately they could not fit my melon in any of the blouses or petticoats in order for me to wear a Sari, so here I was in a really old chudidar-suit (my favorite, but about 13 years old)

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