Friday, June 17, 2011

Meet Kaya and Hospital Stay

 Tara was very excited to meet Kaya, so she came to the hospital with dida for a quick visit and wanted to take Kaya home right away, we wish we could have gone too. The room we were in for a day and a half was super warm and shared between three moms and babies. Alex and I shared the hospital bed, the planned post-baby sushi take-out lunch was a major disappointment and generally there was very little space.

 On the bright side: We were home by Saturday morning, after delivering a baby on thursday at midnight! Tara didn't have to miss any of her birthday parties on the weekend! What a thoughtful little sister!
 Kaya has settled down into eating and sleeping like a baby (at all kinds of inconvenient times). Her eyes are a mysterious grey-brown. The eyebrows and eye lashes are really light like the Jackson siblings, but she has dark even hair like the Chakraborty's.
 She's home, she's cute and really small (but growing!) She was 6lbs- 4ozs when she came home, she is now (at two weeks) 6lbs -14.5oz. and no more jaundice either.

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