Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All about Tara Sydney Jackson

Well she started school this fall. Lean mean social machine that she is, now she has an even bigger circle of influence. This below is her N-6 school and daycare.

below is Tara's new room, now that little Kaya is in the nursery... one day they will share a room, I fervently hope.
 Above is her canopy bed draped in, what else, butterflies and stuffies, below is her art "gallery".

Tara is about 40" tall at 4.5 years old and far from 40lbs yet.

Here's Dida and her princess playing dress up.

 Tara and Kaya with dad on the kitchen floor one saturday morning awaiting breakfast, Tara loves being a big sister and loves to show off Kaya like a trophy amongst her friends.

Lunch? at Assiniboine park in June this year.

The kid loves to swim and dive, and generally stay out all day if she can at the lake.

And she loves to draw and sing and dance and watch My Little Pony (for Fashion tips, of course) and the Backyardigans (for the music). She can also write her name and any other name if you spell it out for her. 

And, how could I forget, she loves cupcakes...

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