Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kaya and Water...

 What is it with our daughters and water? Is it the Kenora connection? Why do they love the water so? Tara, though not a star swimmer, could spend all day frolicking in water, or at least till she starts turning distinctly blue and now we have Kaya. She didn't even wail at her first bath in the hospital! She has always loved being bathed, be it in a kitchen sink or swimming pool.

She chortles and glides and she is beginning to figure out, to my consternation, that splashing is a lot of fun.

We were at Rady centre, over the February long weekend, seems our trepidations were for naught. Kaya and Tara had great time in the pool and even Alex had to admit that the "two kids in the pool" was a lot less stressful than he had anticipated. For a change I had a camera handy.

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