Thursday, December 12, 2013

The New Floors! - Why, it's a new HOUSE!!

2 parts Red Mahogony and 1 part Ebony stain
warm brown with grades of grey
neutral, modern but with a nod to traditional

Main Hallway with new quarter round moulding - which was a story unto itself.

We bought a 50s house with 90s carpets all over. It was white once, many moons ago, but after 8 years of dog and kids and associate spills and mishaps it would never be the modernist canvass that a white carpet can aspire to be. It took us eight years of second guessing to pull up the carpet to reveal heavily waxed but great red oak floors under neath. pulling out the carpet and the million associated staples was literally a pain in the back. It took us about a month to get it all out of the house, and we are still getting rid of the carpet rememnants... one load at a time.

But oh the new floors, they are so awesome! Smooth, clean, shiny... (Mocha is not happy with them, but then his furry feet find no purcchase on these new floors) and despite what people said, we only sweep our dark hardwood floors once a week or so.

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