Friday, October 19, 2012

Chronicles of the TO trip

I had perhaps put on record my recollections of our summer trip to TO, NJ and NY before they melt away...

Gord and Nadine’s Wedding prompted this trip to the Canadian and American Megapolis-es. Gord is Alex’s BFF, regardless of less than auspicious beginnings (that is Alex’s story to tell) and he had stood in as Alex’s Best man during our wedding and this would be Alex’s turn to do the pretty. However we were travelling with two children (one infant) and it escapes me why we decided to take the LO (little one) with us. She had three pieces of luggage all by herself and the rest of us three had two! When we arrived at the Toronto airport was when I first appreciated how good the Winnipeg airport was: child friendly, clearly labelled, free baggage carts, helpful airport security folk... Toronto airport must have made a bad impression on me because I still haven’t been able to shake off my hate on Toronto and I LIKE big cities!

We arrived in the middle of a heat wave with two children, a pile of luggage, limited smart phone access and all the stress of being the spouse of someone in a wedding party. Alex wasn’t much use other than being decorative (he is that) regarding the wedding. Inspite of the children being very well behaved the logistics of getting to the ceremony alone with two kids was pretty challenging and kept me awake at nights. Gord and Nadine had us over for the rehearsal BBQ at their place the evening before the wedding and we met some of Alex’s school friends the next day for brunch. Erin O’ came to our rescue and offered to help out with the transportation to the ceremony. Now the wedding was on a Boat on Canada Day along with myriad other harbour-front activities making finding parking a serious challenge. As it happens we were 10 minutes late getting to the boat, we had warned against it, but we got lost! Of course the bride and groom having anticipated such things had actually asked their guests to arrive earlier (unbeknownst to us!!) so nobody missed the boat. The wedding itself was one of the more entertaining weddings I’ve been to, complete with a fun and choreographed first dance. The couple got well wishes from passing boats including the Pride party boat. Tara had couple of girls to play with and do art with and she literally danced till she dropped. Alex and I probably got one dance late in the evening, on the top deck after the air had cooled down but in retrospect it was a great wedding. We had to carry Tara back a 20 minute walk and then cab it back to the hotel... that was a long day.

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